Mommy Care

Aubrey Baby Goodies is apart of Cookie Wash Affiliate Program where we help recommend our moms to their different health and beauty products. We want to be sure we take care of our moms too! 

Here are a few of their top selling products and what they do for you! If you see something you like follow the link below to be directed to their website. Be sure to check your cart out first!

  • Cookie Restore Suppository:

This product works by replenishing normal, vaginal acidity and balancing vaginal flora (helpful  bacteria).

Boric acid comes from a mineral found in sea water. It is a quick and easy! Women who leave reviews say it helps itchy, burning, abnormal discharge and discomfort. 

These suppositories can be used when you feel a little "off" as our pH may shift after our period, unprotected sex or high sugar consumption bringing your pH back its its normal range. 



  • Cookie Test


If your cookie is feeling OFF and you are wondering if you should use cookie Restore or see a doctor we have designed cookie test strips that test your vaginal fluids. It could be a yeast infection odor or just irregular discharge take the test to make sure everything is going good inside your cookie jar ! Sometimes you may not even realize something is off so it’s important to test regularly  Results based on vaginal fluids only take 30seconds . You will get 2 packs of test strips 



  • Cookie Wash


All-Natural Feminine Wash that leaves your cookies feeling fresh and moist.
It is time to throw those toxic chemicals and fragrance filled washes away.
Harsh chemicals do not belong in or near your vagina- this is why all of our ingredients are made from the Earth.
Cookie wash is a feminine hygiene product that cleanses the vulva & promotes moisture.

Check out the reviews and decide if you would like a fresh cookie!